Whisky Bataille currently has 3 types of Blended Whisky's and a single malt whisky , viz.

N° 3


This Whisky is made according to a typical Bulgarian recipe.

Its aroma is spicy and at the same time fruity with à special soft taste , in wich you recognize notes of caramel and orange.

The quality of this" blended " Whisky is defined by a successful marriage between a grain Whisky and a single malt.

The beautiful color at first suggests that this Whisky has matured for a long enough time. In addition, its soft, round scent ultimately confirms this fact.

While your taste buds enjoy this delicious "blended" and your nose of the aroma, you will also notice that the "legs", the drops, slowly descend into your glass.

The combination of all this allows you to fully enjoy an atmosphere of balance and tranquility.

Serving tip : pure and at room temperature.

N° 7


This golden-colored, characterful Whisky is a successful match between different grain and malt Whisky's.

The finish is long, creamy and soft.

At the same time, one recognizes fruity, sweet aromas with hints of citrus, smoke and peat.

In short, this Whiskey dances on your tongue.

Serving tip : due to the versatile character of this Whisky, you can drink it neat or with ice.

It is also perfect as a component for cocktails.

N° 12


This amber-colored Whisky is a high-quality Belgian blended, which was created through a successful mix of different grains and malt.

The aroma is influenced by dried fruit with a touch of caramel, vanilla and honey.

The finish is relatively long and soft and has both a peppery and sweet note.

Serving tip: pure and at room temperature in a "snifter", this glass on a foot has a wide bottom with a narrow top.

Gently swirl the Whisky so that the taste and aroma are fully expressed, giving an extra dimension during the aftertaste.



Single Malt Whisky

This single malt whisky is a high-quality Belgian product.

It is a fruity , malty whisky.

And he has a medium to long finish.

It was created by a combination of oloroso , bourbon , port and merlot casks.